day offline, brewing love for southern girl.

Ok, its a sultry noon. i prepared blogging, including photos, since early morning. my keyboard turns sticky now. bye, all my beloved. bright belongs to us. i assert here i own the world from my ancestor and beyond.


niece returned to Wuhan after a night at home.^prepared workspace before breakfast. invited visiting niece&her niece eating together. the little girl gamed since them, while i napped awhile. niece left&returned to Wuhan to join her college.


God kills a baby girl in Zhudajiu.^read most day while attending d/l. napped awhile at noon when the evil back door neighbors babbled. then niece returned from Wuhan, before her 3rd year summer college vacation, enjoy snack she brought&rabbled. the granddaughter of elder brother returned from her kindergarten, gamed with a evil neighbor kid. i bathed before dinner. haunted outside, first chatted with the only taxi driver in Zhudajiu, then attracted by a vcd of local opera. when i stood on second floor of elder brother’s house, a baby girl drown in her grandpa’s indoor pool, which is the only case among villagers who has such a spacious yard. lingered some time with the doctor. continued to help niece claim her vanity url for her qq mail, blog&microblog. talked to baby son on phone, alermed him&his mom the threat of drown, as well as other sinful murdering plot i sensed these days in Zhudajiu, the polluted land by historical wrong doings among villagers.
let mother not to memorize ancestor with crackers&burning yellow paper.^today its lunar May 1st, lots of families in Zhudajiu held ceremony praying&memorizing their passed relatives as well as ancestors with kneels&crackers&burning yellow paper which regarded as money in the other world for their ancestors. i was woke by crackers everywhere&got annoyed. tried to got music online but again failed, likes the case of online radio i discussed it previously. in breakfast told mother give up traditional commemoration way, she nodded even reluctant. its a cloudy morning.

benzrad’s comment on the day.

benzrad朱本主子卓 ( 转播: i agree. common Chinese half-disabled by constrained from gun while dog system like cops armed to teeth. people must be empowered anyway anytime.
连岳 ( :据《瞭望》新闻周刊:我国枪支管理制度松懈,售买渠道半公开存在,地下交屡禁不止。——我觉得让民众手头有枪,弊大于利,没什么不好的。 


folks wondered me.^posting blog lasted after noon for likely blocking over some of my sites. near dinner let neighbor boy, a demon, played game on my notebook. haunted outside after rich dinner, frequented a cordial wife in the village. played with kids in front space. later revisited the wife whose family dining. lots of evil probings whipped in my mind before i worked in night. baby’s mom, emakingir dined out with his colleagues, reluctant to go online, fine tuned family google knols till near 10pm.
post a blog entry.^recent morning got up lately, likely worked too late in night, usually after 10pm before went to bad. prepared&post a blog to include tweets&photos, also a video of raining since breakfast. mother bought some litchi for me&quite sweet&juicy. its a sunny morning. 

From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ


for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

A drizzle wrinkles on the surface of one of Zhudajiu’s ponds.

a bird rest on a power line support pole.

a sunset over Zhudajiu village.